Favorite Jazz Albums of 2017-Part 1

I know i’m a little late on this one, but before we get too deep into 2018, I want to share some of my favorite Jazz Albums from 2017. In my desire to avoid a “me too” list, I left off some recordings that have received universal acclaim in the press. However, some albums I just love so much I couldn’t help myself…so here goes!

A Social Call-Jazzmeia Horn

This is one of those albums that received a lot of buzz last year, mainly due to the effervescence of Horn’s voice and the freshness of the arrangements. Be sure to check out her arrangement of “Afro Blue”…it’s mindblowing.

Chick Corea-The Musician

The Musician is a collection of live recordings featuring Chick Corea and a illustrious group of collaborators from throughout his career. No matter how many times you have heard these tunes, Corea again manages to breathe new life into old hits. Be sure to check out “Spain” featuring some awesome ad libs from Bobby McFerrin.

Tony Allen-A Tribute to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

I have one word when it comes to this album, technically an EP, and that is Dynamic. Allen, former drummer and musical director for Fela Kuti, masterfully blends Afro-Beat rhythms with the thunderous rhythms Art Blakey was known for. Just try to sit still listening to this one, I dare you. Be sure to check out “The Drum Thunder Suite”.

Ralph Lavital-Carnival

French Jazz Guitarist, Ralph Lavital, gives listeners a jazz infused primer on the Zouk Carnival beat which originates from the French Caribbean. The beautiful rhythms and vocals both move and seduce you at the same time, making you want to book a flight out to the French West Indies pronto. Be sure to check out “Grand nous (Cabrit)”.

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      1. I’m just getting into it. That’s why I asked. So far I really like Grant Green’s Live at the Lighthouse and I also like Giant Steps mostly because of Naima.

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