AXPONA 2019 Show Report: High End Audio In Pictures

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As with every audio show, there were some great rooms and then there were some duds…but at the end of the day, I heard some really mind-blowing stuff. For example, the Neat Acoustics new Ekstra Floorstanders were amazing, as were the new Magico M2 speakers. I have never heard Daft Punk played the way the Magico speakers did. The YG Acoustics Vantage also took me to cloud 9 with an amazing performance. I also loved the Magico/Classe room with the new Delta Mono amps and the Magico S5 Mk 2 speakers. I could go on and on, but I’ll cut this short…here’s some pics of my favorite High-End Audio rooms at AXPONA this year.

Neat Acoustics Ekstra/Trilogy Audio Systems


Magico S5 Mk 2/Classe Delta Mono


Lumin X1/Vivid Giya G3


Revel/Mark Levinson








ATC Loudspeakers and New ATC Electronics


New PS Audio Floorstanders and Electronics


Gryphon Audio


GoldenEar Technology Triton One.R/Primaluna


Paradigm Persona/Anthem


Mbl Speakers & Electronics


Magico M2


YG Acoustics Vantage


T+A Talis Speakers & Electronics


Gobel High End Divin Speakers/CH Precision Electronics

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